Bishop Dingman Peace Award

2023 Bishop Maurice J. Dingman Peace Award

Catholic Peace Ministry’s Bishop Dingman Peace Award was held Saturday, March 4, 2023 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, 2926 Beaver Ave., Des Moines.

2023’s Bishop Dingman Peace awardee was Carla Dawson, a long-time peace and justice activist, Catholic Worker, teacher and mentor from Des Moines. Carla’s love for the community has many different areas. She was the Legal Aid Society Vice President, community rep, War Resister National Board Member, Past President of Iowa CURE.

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Our Speaker was Johnny Zokovich, the Executive Director of Pax Christi USA,

the national Catholic peace and justice movement. Previously, Johnny worked in Brussels with Pax Christi International as the Senior Communications Officer. For nearly 15 years, he lived at and co-directed the Gainesville (FL) Catholic Worker House, an intentional community serving and

living with people who are homeless, addicted, impoverished, and mentally ill. He holds an MA in Theology with a concentration in biblical studies from the University of Notre Dame. His writing has been featured in National Catholic Reporter, US Catholic, Belief.Net, The Encyclopedia of Race and                                                                                           Racism, and elsewhere.



About the Dingman Peace Award

Catholic Peace Ministry celebrates the life and memory of Bishop Maurice J. Dingman – a man of peace and an ally of Catholic Peace Ministry.

Every spring (since 1996), CPM hosts the Dingman Peace Award gathering with three features: remembering the Bishop, hearing a lecture from a renowned speaker, and presenting the Dingman Peace Award to an honored member of our community.

The Dingman Award gathering also is a cherished occasion for citizens of Iowa to gather and share food and fellowship. The Dingman event is a fundraiser for Catholic Peace Ministry.

Past Awardees and Speakers

Year Dingman Peace Award Recipient(s) Dingman Award Keynote Speaker
2019 Carolyn Uhlenhake Walker Jeffrey Biggers
2018 Cy and Joan Engler Family Paul Engler
2017 Carmen Lampe Zeitler Carmen Lampe Zeitler
2016 DM Catholic Worker John Dear
2015 Brian Terrell and Barry and Marie Malloy Brian Terrell
2014 Veterans for Peace—Iowa chapters, and Rita Hohenshell Jeremy Scahill
2013 Sally Frank Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS
2012 Joshua Casteel Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton
2011 Religious sisters of Iowa Tom Cordaro
2010 Helen Oster and Chris Gaunt Jack Jezreel
2009 Chuck Day and Harold Wells Kathy Kelly
2008 Des Moines Area JustFaith Liz McAlister
2007 Eloise Cranke and Rev. Chet Guinn Charlie King, Karen Brandow, and the Prince Myshkins
2006 Sherry Hutchison Fr. Roy Bourgeois, MM
2005 Trinity United Methodist Church of Des Moines Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer
2004 Iowa United Methodist Bishop Gregory Vaughn Palmer Rosemary Radford Ruether, Ph.D.
2003 American Friends Service Committee, Iowa Program Ched Myers
2002 Rev. Bob Cook Rev. John Dear, SJ
2001 Rev. Gil Dawes Sr. Joan Chittister, OSB
2000 Jean and Bill Basinger Sr. Helen Prejean, CSJ
1999 Phil Riley and Paul Stanfield Rev. William Sloane Coffin
1998 Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, Des Moines Chapter Jim Wallis
1997 Sr. Gwen Hennessey, OSF Sen. Tom Harkin
1996 Helen Tichy Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton